Ruby Chan, Founder and CEO of Fresh Zen Foods
Ruby Chan, Founder and CEO of Fresh Zen Foods

At FreshZen we believe that delicious, wholesome and healthy food should be available to all. We are on a mission to help communities make great choices around food by making it easy for them to cook: tasty, healthy, and easy meals made with only good for you

Hi, I am Ruby from Fresh Zen and I am so excited to share this product with you.

This sauce spans generations in my family — and there’s a reason it stuck around. As the daughter of Chinese immigrants who opened their own restaurant in New York’s Chinatown, I grew up in kitchens full of the freshest ingredients. Today as a busy mom, I am able to share my love for healthy and fresh meals with my own kids — with convenience.

The ginger scallion sauce is our key to quick and healthy weeknight meals. It works beautifully as a simple marinade to elevate chicken or fish, or spooned over ribs, beef, turkey, noodles and sandwiches — the possibilities are endless.

Fresh Zen is a healthy asian flavor secret. If you have ginger scallion sauce in the refrigerator, you will never go hungry. It's deliciously addictive!

From our family table to yours,


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